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Solvillains are a collection of 2244 NFTs on the Solana Blockchain. Our mission is to make a community driven comic book series. A community of misfits and a shared love for the comic world. There will be biweekly issues of Solvillain Comics where the holders influence the story through staking mechanics and Voting (More on this in the Litepaper). Staking will also include upgrading to SolSupervillain, burning and rewards depending on the outcome of each comic.
Holders will also get access to VIP passes for Comic events, launchpads for new promising projects, Solvillains Fem edition and Solvillains Manga collection airdrops, Mystery boxes and giveaways, and much much more ( Please view the Roadmap and Litepaper)

Our Team

Mr Vectors

Project lead & Marketing
Mr. Vectors is an ex-Google employee with vast experience in product testing and building from his Amazon brands. He brings his experience in planning, adapting, and problem-solving to the Solvillains project. His favorite villain is Joker- why? “Because he’s a misunderstood genius”. He is responsible for overall project direction, meeting time frames, collaborations, and marketing.


Creative writer & Vibe creator
Seb is a writer, editor, designer, and journalist. He graduated in 2018 with a degree in journalism and has been writing novels for over eight years. In the last four years, he has worked with thousands of happy clients, including Wattpad, Amazon, and The Daily Mail. In his spare time, he is always reading/writing, making him a high-quality writer, but also an extremely passionate one. His favorite villain is Riddler, why? “because he is mysterious” He is responsible for the story direction and script for the SolVillain biweekly comics.


Lead developer

David has a wide range of experience in UX, UI and web development for numerous companies including Silicon Valley startups. He also is part of the team at Acante, building secure platforms for cloud storage. His favourite villain is Whiplash “because he is a cool engineer”. David is responsible for the overall Development of the ecosystem, the Tokenomics and SolVillains Casino.

Prosper Ikechukwu

Comic book artist
Full-time illustrator for the past 5 years and has drafted story ideas and plots of numerous comic books, graphic novels and screenplays for various publications and websites. He is very passionate about comic books and has a taste for the gritty and dark side, hence his favorite universe is DC. His favorite villain is Joker, why? “Because he wasn’t born bad”. He is responsible for the illustrations of the bi-weekly comic books for SolVillains.


Project advisor
Shamz has been in the crypto space since 2016 and is an OG investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum. He is the guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Shamim also has a keen interest in Comic books, his favorite villain is Lex Luthor, why? “because he has Kryptonite”. He is responsible for the overall guidance and the direction of the Solvillains Project.
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